20-20 Networks

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About Us



20-20 Networks was formed after the dotcom bubble in 2000, by recruiting experienced staff who had previously worked together at notable Systems and Networking Companies.

Recruiting people with a dedication to Operational Support and a comprehensive set of skills in NOC, Customer Service, Network Design, Systems and Network Administration, Software Testing and QA, Software Development, and Operations Management we have created a formidable team averaging 12 years of industry experience.

Our main goal is to provide the external unbiased Eyes to monitor your Internet Assets, we have a narrow focus to provide you with the assurance that your site is up and available for your Customers. Our Customers sleep well as they rely on our services to alert them of any potential problems.

Each of our service areas is distinct; we don't design, develop or host systems to eliminate any possible conflict with our Monitoring Services; we don't sell equipment or software in relation to our systems and network design and installation services. We also support and manage "Community Blogs" please read our "Community Blog Services" page for more information and contact us if your Community needs a FREE Blog and resource directory service.

The technology behind 20-20 Networks Services is a combination of Open Source Software and in house developed customizations to meet our Customers current and future requirements.

This page was last updated on July 8, 2009