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Are you aware of all the Community Resources in your area

If your Community needs a centralized Blog and Directory to available resources please send us an email at 


The primary purpose of the Community Blogs is to identify and highlight all of the available resources, provide information and communication between Community Members and Guests. We provide Community Blogs, in some cases a Community Forum, free residential business advertising, free moving sale ads, link pages for local resource links, a centralized link page for broader resource links (state, federal, national programs, safe sites for children, state or national organizations, etc.),  we link all known or suggested Blogs, Forums, Schools, Clubs,  Athletics Leagues, non-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Please send us your suggestions!

Our requirements for listing, postings or permitting anything on the Community Blog sites is simple. Family oriented and legal, our Community Blog Services "Terms of Service and Use" detail specific and broad areas of use prohibit or linked to from the site and we welcome your comments after you read the details.

Be nice, be friendly, keep the vibes sociable, even when the questions, answers or news may in itself upset some of the members and guests. We want to encourage further participation and contribution from all the members and guests whether they are upset, happy, mad, or on to of the world. Share your thoughts, opinions, questions, answers, concerns, joy, outrage, etc just be civil, legal, and polite. Postings, comments, links, advertisements, etc entered into the site or linked to from the site that violate the "Terms of Service and Use" will be removed. We encourage all members and guests to report any user-posted content or links from the sites that violate the rules. 

There are no fees for the Blog, Forum, or other pages available to Community Members who may create new postings after signing up as a Member or Guest who can comment. A simple process that collects minimal information, your unique userid/password created only for this Blog, your street name, your email address, and your age if you choose to share that information. The only information shared on the site is your userid, community location, and your age if you don't check the privacy block on age.

Residential Home based businesses licensed to the residential address in the Community can submit information to have a FREE advertisement posted on the Community Business Advertisement page. Please sign up as a Member and use the Contact Us page or EMAIL "customersupport AT 20-20networks.com" to submit the required information.

Non-profit or Not-for-Profit organizations within Mountain House, CA or nearby Communities such as schools, clubs, community activities, and fundraisers are free to advertise their events and issues within the Blog categories; contact us if you need an additional advertisement for any non-profit event.

The operation of the site is supported by local non-residential business advertising (for a small fee) and Internet advertising. Our local non-residential business advertising rates are very competitive and available for 1,3,6,12 month periods. Please use our contact Us page or email to "customersupport@20-20networks.com" to supply the details of your advertising requirement and we will contact you within 24-72 hours.

The Community Blog is a place where all members have Author status, and guests can make comments on existing posts. Here you can share thoughts and articles of interest to all community members and be heard. Suggest additional links to other Community Resources including Blogs, Forums, etc. that can be placed in the

Centralized Community Links are an extension of the Community Blog Services offered by 20-20 Networks to various Communities and provide helpful links related to the Community Blogs and Directories of available Community Resources; Blogs, Forums, email lists, organizations, Home Bussinesses, Local Businesses, activities, etc. "Community Named" Links page.

Categories to check out include "Kids - Teens, High Tech Crime - Kids Online Safety, Foreclosures-Mortgages, Transportation(Train-Air -Carpool-BART), Health-Food Safety-Recalls, ID Theft-Privacy Protection-Credit Bureaus, Government-Veterans, Newspapers Online.