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Questions and Answers

This page was last updated on July 13, 2009

Technical Questions

Do I have to download software and put it on my web site to use your service?

No, 20-20 Networks Service requires no software at the Customer site.  

We have a username/password protected page, can we use 20-20 Networks Service?

Yes, 20-20 Networks Service can verify that your username and password page is working. For URLs with basic authentication, the Customer needs to provide a username and password for our testing.

Do I need to worry about what Operating System my web site is running (Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC)?

No, the 20-20 Networks Service is not OS specific. Our service emulates exactly what a users computer (browser, ftp, vpn,mail,etc) does and doesn't care about the OS version. Our Service helps your web site and other servers deliver Visitors the content or services they are interested in, while consistently alerting you of any issues 7x24.

How will 20-20 Networks Service affect our web site's hit counter?

Your web site log will show the same number of hits each day (depending on your 20-20
Networks Service probe interval). If you have the 60-minute interval service your hit count would
show 24 hits from 20-20 Networks each day, 96 hits each day with the 15-minute interval service.

How will 20-20 Networks Service affect my site's server logs?

Your logs will show connections and retrievals entries just like a normal users. Some of our
customers filter out our service connections in their reports or log file analysis.

Does the service handle HTML redirects?

HTML redirects are not handled by default, as one of our verifications is that your Customer reach
your site and the information you provide. We can customize the service probes to handle HTML
redirects in most instances by request.

Ours is a secure page? What can 20-20 Networks Service do?

20-20 Networks Service is capable of accessing web pages secured with SSL (Secure Socket
Layer) version 3.0 or higher by default.

Will your service affect the performance of my site?

No. Our probe service looks like any other web site visitor to your site.

Does 20-20 Networks Service offer content verification?

Not by default. Content verification is quoted and done as a Customized Service on static web
pages only. The verification is done after hours, this server intensive operation is done less
frequently than normal probe intervals, once a week or once a day to suit the Customers

How does 20-20 Networks handle alerts during a regional or national Internet outage?

20-20 Networks has built in safeguards to assure that we do not flood our customers with alerts
during major Internet outages. To the best of our ability we will identify these outages as such in
the Alerts.

Payment and Billing Questions

Can you send me a bill for 20-20 Networks Service?

Please contact customersupport@20-20networks.com to discuss invoicing options for your account.

Can I pay via credit card, but be billed monthly or annually?

20-20 Networks uses standard annual billing for all Services under $500, with payment options;
PayPal, Google, or by check with prior arrangements. Service contracts above $500 are billed or
charged monthly as appropriate.

Service Questions

Why doesn't 20-20 Networks offer free service?

We know that web sites are becoming more and more important to all businesses, and organizations.

We also believe that Customers that receive the 20-20 Networks Service will see great value.

Most free services are supported by your willingness to put up links, advertising, and rely on very
limited probes or just Ping. Reliable Quality Monitoring and Alert Notification doesn't come for
free; most free monitoring services limit you to one or two devices with one probe and require links or advertising and almost all of them prioritize their paying Customer ahead of free services.


Why doesn't my ISP/Collocation hosting provider offer me this type of service?

ISP or Collocation hosting providers are in the business of selling bandwidth and facility
real estate rental space. Even the better service providers who offer some monitoring services
can't provide you with objective information because they use their internal machines on internal
local networks. This approach doesn't provide the remote monitoring service that simulates an
Internet user attempting to reach you site.

We have multiple web sites at multiple locations, can we manage these all under one contract?

A Service option combination can be quoted and billed as a Customized Service Offering for
any combination of web sites, servers or network connections. Alert Notifications can be customized
for individual devices or services as appropriate for your needs.

Our web site is our business, what Services do you recommend for active e-commerce sites?

Individual probes will be selected or customized to support your sites functionality. Our minimum probe interval is 5 minutes, this gives the Monitoring Systems enough time to verify alert conditions and avoid false alerts. Our experience shows that a probe interval of less than 5 minutes may increase false alerts and could possibly interfere with a sites performance.

I am not a technical person but I am responsible for our web site, how can 20-20 Networks service help me?

We let you know about specific problems (in plain English) via our alerts. Our alerts will find you and let you know when your web site is not providing a good user experience.
This allows you to contact your technical staff or web host and proactively fix or respond to site problems before it affects visitors and business.  Alternatively we can also notify your support staff as well as notify you.

As a web manager, why would my company or organization need 20-20 Networks services if the site is hosted by a managed hosting facility or ISP?

20-20 Networks provides unbiased status of a web site, from the simple up or down, to broken links, missing content, security issues, Alert Notifications and poor performance over a period of time.
Some of our customers are using 20-20 Networks Services to provide the data they need to verify that their Provider is meeting its Service Availability agreements.

As a Site Owner, Manager or Webmaster using 20-20 Networks Services, do I have any

To receive optimal service and benefits from the 20-20 Networks Services, we need you or your representative to respond to the alerts and repair the problems as quickly as possible. We don't want visitors to see the problems at your site either. If you have trouble fixing the problems in a reasonable period of time, please send a Suspend Request. Customers can suspend their active probing for a given period of time by sending email to customersupport@20-20networks.com or use our web site "Contact Us" form email and state your request for "active probe suspension". Please provide a date or time line for renewal of "Service Active Probing.

Please use our Web submission form under Contact Us or send email to customersupport@20-20networks.com if you have any questions or need further information on any of our services.